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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quality Meats Ice Cream

Not only is Quality Meats (57 W. 58th St.) known for their steak tartare they are equally for their meat market interior as industrial-style chandeliers are fashioned to the ceiling from giant steel meat hooks. This carnivore delight has also become a sweet tooth's delight, serving ice cream to-go during lunch.

Flavors: Balinese vanilla bean; chocolate fudge brownie; roasted Sicilian pistachio; “Coffee & Doughnuts;” "Strawberry Shortcake" in yellow cake batter; Cookies & Cream with Oreo and chocolate chip cookies; orange Creamsicle sherbet; blood orange & prickly pear sorbet with ginger and bergamot.

Toppings: Mini spiced chocolate donuts; pistachio cake; chocolate brownies; shortcake biscuits; chocolate chip cookies. Sauces: Chocolate; caramel; butterscotch; mixed berry.Price: "Dressed-up scoop," $6; pint, $10.
Picture Courtesy of NY mag-restaurants