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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Real Conde Naste Interns get nothing

If you think you’re going to be the next shining “super intern” who goes above and beyond the call of normal intern duties while gaining a valuable position in the company, you couldn’t be more wrong. Interns are seen on the same level as janitors, messengers, mail men and waiters… but interns get to do all their jobs too! Being an intern means no lunch, justifying bathroom breaks, 14 hour days and walking on eggs shells. Did I mention this is all unpaid? Most interns work in the fashion closet which really means packaging clothes and sending them back to pr showrooms after the photo shoot is over. Some publications let interns accompany editors on photo shoots while many do not. At the magazine I worked for I did accompany editors on photo shoots. For an intern glossy editorial spreads are anything but glamorous, getting burned by the steam from the scolding hot steamer while trying not to burn a hole through that rare Karl Lagerfeld gown is anything but enthralling. You really feel you are doing a job that “a million girls would kill for” as you are down on all fours cleaning out the cobwebs at the bottom of the storage closet.