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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tom Ford's Big Dream

Every gay man's fantasy: former Gucci creative director, Tom Ford. Known for his highly provocative sex driven ad campaigns and his time at Gucci. Where he revamped their image creating appeal to a younger more edgier audience. Now, Tom decides he really wants to direct movies known as his "ultimate design project." Kinda like when singers decide they want to be designers and come out with hideous collections.
Tom's production company "Fade to Black" has done nothing for the film industry and now his moive failures have led him to believe that he can direct an upcoming James Bond film, "A Single Man." Radar magazine reports he has gone as far as luring Daniel Craig into the film by giving him all the free Tom Ford Tux's he wants. Tom should just stick to the tux fittings and being a sex symbol to all gay men who work in the fashion industry.