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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boardroom rockstars to rockstar Designers

Identical twin Brothers, entrepreneurs, designers and CEOs of their own company, these boardroom rockstars are making an explosive mark in the fashion industry.

Shane and Shawn Ward are the duo behind successful shoe retailer SHANE&SHAWN. Earlier this year they opened their first showroom and boutique at 238 Mulberry Street.

Prior to their company launching both boys honed their skills to realize their true infatuation...designing and running a fashion house.
Shane who was keenly approached by footwear companies such as Puma, Converse and Fila, took a position at Adidas as a house cobbler. Meshing together his concepts as an athletic footwear designer, Shane took his technical creative expertise and joined his bother Shawn, whose brilliance in numbers earned him an engineering position at Diamler Chrysler and also a former NASDAQ stock exchange trader. Together the two formed Detny by SHANE&SHAWN in fall 2003 and launched SHANE&SHAWN IN 2006.
The brothers introduced a foreign concept to the fashion industry: High fashion footwear meets function. The brand focuses on intertwining the line between what consumers want aesthetically, while meeting the fit and feel of athletic footwear. Translation: the duo creates chic towering heels with a liner insole for a heavenly feel… one less thing for women to sacrifice.
Editors pick: The Sarah sliver metallic Pump for $220

SHANE&SHAWN is synonymous with trendless styles and rock and roll glamour. Their craftsmanship is tantamount to their knowledgeable background of comfort, fit and beauty.