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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fashion week Hazing

There are eight new faces showing their collections during fashion week. These new designers will be sharing the tents with iconic designers hoping to inspire, influence and most importantly sell their collections to buyers.

Michael Angel- Australian designer- former stylist to celebrities and campaigns. Line will show usage of hyper color designs.

Charlotte Ronson- Most recognized new comer, twin Sister of Lohan's beau Sam Ronson. Her collections are ultra popular in Japan and is much anticipated for Bryant park.

Andy&Debb- A Korean couple, successfully own and operate department stores and boutiques in Korea. Line will consist of clean cuts with museum inspirations.

Thuy Diep- Vietnamese born, New York based designer runs her own tailoring shop for custom-made clothing. Line consists of sophisticated Romanticism.

Sergio Davila- a Peruvian native, began developing his line and marketed his own menswear collection based on the inspiration of himself. Sergio created a buzz on the West Coast and is now based in Manhattan.

Leifdottir- Anthropologie's new wholesale line. Line will consist of quirky feminie details combined with the Anthropologie feel.

Aurelio Costarbella-Western Australian designer whose line will consist of his Australian identity.

Zheng Luo- Chinese designer who own Omnialuo Inc. one of the most successful companies in mainland China. Line will consist of natural fabrics that are Eco-friendly and organic.