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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Study: Skinny women better for selling Products

Haute Concept reports, "A study conducted by Villanova University and the College of New Jersey shows that ad spots featuring thin models made women have a lower self esteem but better image of the brands featured. Kind of backwards, right?
“The professors are still preparing a written report on results from a second phase of the research, which found that despite the negative effect on their body image, women preferred ads showing thin models and said they were more likely to buy products featured in those ads than in ones showing ‘regular-size models,’ said Jeremy Kees, a business professor at Villanova. ”
“The really interesting result we’re seeing across multiple studies is that these thin models make women feel bad, but they like it,” Mr. Kees said. “They have higher evaluation of the brands. With the more regular-size models, they don’t feel bad. Their body image doesn’t change. But in terms of evaluations of the brands, those are actually lower.”
The study was inspired by Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty”.