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Monday, August 11, 2008

Take a night to dine down Under

In the Lower East Side there is a little part of Australia where hipsters can be surfers for a night. Oz themed Bondi Road spares no expense in creating a coastal themed restaurant. Photomontages of Bondi Beach run along the walls and ceilings, as only certifiable Australian waitresses place settings and take your fish and chips order. Other types of fish come in forms of Tasmanian sea bass, New Zealand “groper,” or the barramundi.
A projection screen playing images of wave riders and beach goers is enjoyed while shooting Bloody Mary oyster shooters, fueled with pepper-infused vodka.
Deserving of our haute restaurant choice of the week Bondi Road is creates a down under experience, which is a nice break from the concrete jungle of New York.
153 Rivington St
Photo: Time Out magazine