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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Not that we are partial for ever going to the tacky tourist trap of Times Square. However, only a few exceptions will make us ween in and out of the hoards of over weight civilians from the south. One exception being Becco (located at 33W. 46th St.) derived from an italian verb Beccare, means to nibble, savor or peck at something. There is plenty to nip at, as you can choose from antipasto plates, the pasta sampler or the Osso Bucco.
 Owned by the venerable Bastianich family, Becco may be old school for New York as many ambiances have surpassed the space meant to feel like an italian country house. However, once in a while it is charming to experience the feel of a traditional family restaurant, especially one who has a comprehensive wine list, like Becco.
Deserving of our haute restaurant choice of the week, we recommend the roasted swordfish a la carte.