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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Jagged edge

Take a walk on the dark side, as autumn falls for a cloaked silhouette.
Fashion has a prickly edge this season, as Goth casts a shadow of glistening metals, which are becoming fall 2008’s most enviable pieces. Designers from 3.1 Phillip Lim to YSL are using the technique of undulating rows of zippers, to create volume and texture for a fast and easy route to rock Goth chic.
New York Designer Tom Sohung of Sohung Designs came into our radar, as his sharp tooth collared caplet lurked in the back corner of a young designer’s market. Like a diamond in the rough, the bronze zippers gleamed in a sea of black frocks.
Perhaps it was architect; Frank Lloyd Wright’s waterfall construction that inspired Sohung to create his multi-layered collar. However, when asked where the inspiration drew, he simply stated, “The inspiration came from a zipper belt I designed, when a model used the belt as jewelry around her neck.” A Simple response juxtaposed by a dramatic design, Sohung’s esthetic flirts with the dark side while keeping in mind what women want.
In a world of mass production and over saturation, Sohung is a breath of fresh air to the industry, as each piece is hand made and constructed in his Lower East Side studio. Desirable and chic, this black satin trimmed caplet is perfect for wrapping yourself in; during a bone chilling fall evening. Don’t worry about losing your figure in this cape, the satin bow doubles as a belt, cinching your waist for an hour glass shape. Sohung’s collections for both and men and women can be found at his newly opened boutique located 312 East 9th Street.