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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pret a Lunch

During this past week we were mainly stuck at the tents all day, everyday. There was not a lot of dining to choose from as only LU Biscuits were handed in packets of two. So we spent most of our pass time in between shows scavenging around the three block radius around Bryant park. We stopped by Fashion Soup at 124 west 41st, their single sandwiches and cream of ginger soup was fab and extremely cheap however it counter balanced, as their atmosphere was depressing and didn't live up to their fashion inspired name. Pret A Manger was our next quick stop dining experience which won us over. 
Our choice the skinny Bell and Evans Avocado and Balsamic sandwich with a blueberry pomegranate yogurt smoothie. total: $7.98 
photo: Pret A Manger